Subject keeping current "standby" data
Author Bernahrd Nemec

I want to set up two (or more) database server machines redundantly,
supporting a "failover" scenario where a "standby" machine takes over
operation from the "lead" machine as soon as the "lead" dies. This can be
done for example with "HA Linux" (

Now the obvious problem with the database is that I need to keep current a
data file on the standby, i. e., somehow send all updates done to the "lead"
database also to the standby database.

It would also sufficient to have a current .gbk file on the standby, and only
restore it to a .gdb in the failover case. But, of course, I want to avoid
sending the whole data file (or a backup) to the standby periodically. I'm
looking for a solution that just only sends the updates.

For example, it would be useful if a UDF could be passed the full SQL insert,
update, or delete commands, triggered whenever one of these is issued. Such a
UDF could just connect to the standby machine and apply the same command

Thank you for any input!