Subject Re: IB Utils - FREE IB/FB Relation Viewer - New version available
Author csswa
Nice work, Ales. Appreciated!

Andrew Ferguson
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--- In ib-support@y..., Ale¹ Kahánek <ales.kahanek@n...> wrote:
> Hi,
> today I uploaded new version of IB Utils to
> I hope you enjoy new features: export to JPG and WMF.
> Ales Kahanek
> Description:
> DB Relation Viewer, version, utility for viewing your
> Firebird/InterBase tables graphically (similar to the graphical SQL
> interface of Access and some CASE tools). You can work on your
metadata with
> another tool (e.g. IB_SQL), commit your work and then go back to
the viewer
> and refresh the image. Read-only view, reports available.