Subject Apoligee, DB Corrupted !
Author mivi71dk

Some weeks ago I posted several messages regarding my DB getting
corrupted every once in a while.

It got so corrupted, that the only thing to do to solve my problem
was performing a BACKUP - RESTORE rutine.

I got several answers regarding solutions.
Among others was:

- Hardware Error (Was checked)
- Incorrect version of IB Client, BDE etc. (Was Checked)
- Incorrect logout from DB (was checked)
- Automatic Sweep (Was checked).
- And a lot of other things.

None of them did anything.
I did a lot of optimizing in my programs, in the DB Structure etc.
Nothing helped. Then one day I disabled the SWEEP. And after that I
didn't get any breakdown for almost 4 weeks. And the it came back.

But pure luck I found out, that a backup job was running (veritas
backup software on DB Server). And at the same time this jobbed
timed out, due to some unexpected error, my DB crashed !

I then look back thruogh my log, and found out that my DB always
crashed when my backup job DID NOT finish correctly.
At this point my customer has been told to check his backup rutine
EVERY morning. And he hasn't had one breakdown ever since.

So I would like to apologize to the people who tried to help me, and
I just got annoyed with them.

Anyway I havn't got my program developed as far as I would like, but
I have learned a lot about SWEEP, Transactions, connecting to a DB

Also in short I am very pleased with firebird DB contra Interbase.
It runs faster than IB !
And has more features that IB.