Subject Strange DB Stats for a live DB
Author Jason Chapman (JAC2)
Here's one for the Guru's,

This DB server was performing badly and on doing the dbstats the client
received the following.

IB bizarre Stats.....

Oldest TX: 794334 (OTX)
Oldest Active: 794335 (OITX)
Snapshot: 794274 (OSH)
Next: 1139198 (NT)

We normally disable sweep, but for this DB they had left it at 20K

1) OSH < OITX, OSH < OTX - how can this be. This contradicts my
understanding, I would expect the numbers to go in ascending order OTX,
2) in this case would the sweep be continuous, i.e. when one sweep finishes
another is spawned because a sweep is not moving OIT forward, therefore NT
is always > OITX + 20K.

Thoughts, guesses and absolutes welcome, please.

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