Subject Re: [ib-support] Indices and views
Author Christian G├╝tter
Hi Andrew,

> Hiya Christian. Thanks for sending me the full DDL.
> I've been fussing over this for an hour now, turning it this way and
> that. I build a mini version of your tables and view and have
> reproduced the behaviour in that too.

thank you for taking all the time.

> I'm in way over my head so I'm bowing out - but this needs to get
> answered. Unless there is an obvious reason why the view cannot use
> the underlying table's index in a LEFT JOIN, this could be a bug
> candidate. Might be time to scour sourceforge to see if anyone has
> logged this 'feature'.

I will see if I find something on Sourceforge.
Meanwhile, I would be very interested to hear Helen's opinion on
this and if she thinks this problem is worth to be taken over to
Sourceforge/Firebird-Devel (if it is not already logged as a bug).

For me, it seems to be a bug, but I am not the kind of SQL guru
who knows about possible reasons for FB to refuse an index in a
LEFT JOIN - maybe there are some???