Subject Re: FB slow
Author csswa
Read the manuals regarding garbage collection and sweeping. Sounds
like you are hitting an automated sweep of the db after roughly every
20,000 updates. Turn automated sweeps off (set to 0 instead of the
default 20,000) and try again.

Andrew Ferguson
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--- In ib-support@y..., "Adrian Roman" <aroman@r...> wrote:
> Two more things about this issue: the cpu% stays at 99%, and it's
almost all
> in user mode (kernel time is very low, under 1%).
> I tried just repeating the same update statement twice with the
same result
> (by the way, is FB keeping copies of "before" and "after" for data
from a
> record even in the case it's not actually modified?).
> Adrian Roman
> > I started an update wich modifies a field for all 30000 records.
It takes
> > only a couple of seconds. After that, without commiting the
transaction, I
> > change the update statement to change the same field on all
records, but
> > with a different value. This can take even 10 minutes to complete.
> Rollback
> > after that sometimes goes fast (several seconds), sometimes is
slow, but
> not
> > that slow as performing the update.