Subject Re: [ib-support] FB slow
Author Adrian Roman
Two more things about this issue: the cpu% stays at 99%, and it's almost all
in user mode (kernel time is very low, under 1%).
I tried just repeating the same update statement twice with the same result
(by the way, is FB keeping copies of "before" and "after" for data from a
record even in the case it's not actually modified?).

Adrian Roman

> I started an update wich modifies a field for all 30000 records. It takes
> only a couple of seconds. After that, without commiting the transaction, I
> change the update statement to change the same field on all records, but
> with a different value. This can take even 10 minutes to complete.
> after that sometimes goes fast (several seconds), sometimes is slow, but
> that slow as performing the update.