Subject Re: [ib-support] FB, US vs UK date formats?
Author Andreas Prucha
On 12 Jul 2002 at 18:19, Jason Frey wrote:

> If my machine is set to US, I need to do the following:
> select * from people where birthday = '03/01/1990'
> This works fine.
> If I switch to UK formats (after the machine reboot), I would expect
> to have to do:
> select * from people where birthday = '01/03/1990'

I usually use params for that, e.g.

Select * from people where birthday = :PARAM_BIRTHDAY

and then use

Query.ParamByName('PARAM_BIRTHDAY').AsDateTime := EncodeDate(1990,3,1);

This seems to work with all settings.
Best Regards - Mit freundlichen Gruessen,

Andreas Prucha
helicon software development