Subject First keyword in Firebird not in InterBase
Author William L. Thomson Jr.
I really would like to know why First is a keyword in Firebird and not
in InterBase.

This is really not good as I now how to roll back to InterBase instead
of Firebird.

Why was this done. It is not feasible for me to start changing the names
of columns in many tables and many db's.

Not to mention if and when I do that I have to go through all my apps.

This is really upsetting me as I was really excited about using
Firebird, but I feel like the bird just took a huge crap on me.

I use First in storing names like


I have more tables, triggers, and etc. than it is feasible to update.

So is this a bug or the direction Firebird is heading.

I was under th impression that Firebird was picking up where InterBase
left off, and was at least backward compatible.

This is very upsetting. I am glad as I always do, that I backed up my
previous install of InterBase 6.0.

Please advise if this is a bug, or one of many new keywords that exist
in Firebird and not InterBase.

William L. Thomson Jr.
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