Subject RE: [ib-support] FB, US vs UK date formats?
Author PODESTA Mariano APRE
remember that firebird run as a service.
services log on with a specific user (default is system local).
changing an account's locale does not affect service locale unless
the service uses this account.

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> Subject: [ib-support] FB, US vs UK date formats?
> I have a firebird database, developed on a machine with US settings.
> Problem is, when we switch the machine over to UK settings
> (To test for UK
> issues, obviously) all of my queries that have dates as
> literal strings are
> hosed. They need to have the date strings in US format still.
> For instance, take some generic person table. I want to get
> out the list of
> people born on March 1st, 1990.
> If my machine is set to US, I need to do the following:
> select * from people where birthday = '03/01/1990'
> This works fine.
> If I switch to UK formats (after the machine reboot), I would
> expect to have
> to do:
> select * from people where birthday = '01/03/1990'
> And in fact, that's the query Delphi will spit out in my
> code, as all of
> it's DateToStr functions pay attention to Windows settings.
> However, I get no results. To get the same results, I'd have
> to do the US
> query, even though my results that come up in my grid display
> in UK format.
> Is there some setting on Interbase/Firebird (we have a mix of
> them, and the
> same behavior happens on both) that needs to be set for
> language? I've
> tried searching through the archives, and didn't find
> anything, nor has any
> of the documentation I've looked at screamed at me "Look here for date
> manipulation issues"
> Can someone elighten me as to what's going on?
> - Jason
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