Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: FB-Server Crashes on Event-Registration
Author Pirtea Calin Iancu
From: "andre2405"

> If you are familiar with Linux I can give you access to the server.
> You can look and try yourself. As soon as a client tries to register
> an event the server locks. Everytime.
> Besides: The problem occurs after I changed something with the
> configuration of the server. But everything else works. And I tried
> to take the changes back. That doesn't help.

I'm sorry but can't help you too much.

I think you could use "netstat -t -a" to see what connections are active
and maybe use "tcpdump -i eth0" to view what connection attempts
are being made. For instance if eth0 is your netcard for intern access
then you should see outgoing packets toward your clients IP and maybe
find out if your firebird server requests are going where they should.
If they go the way they are supposed to then find out if they return the
same way. If not then you definitly changed more than the server.

Find out what exactly did you change on the server and
if they have colateral effects on anything regarding tcp/ip.

These advices are non expert ones so i hope someone with more knowledge
will come to your rescue but they did work for me when I had the same


Best regards,
Application Developer
Pirtea Calin Iancu
S.C. SoftScape S.R.L.