Subject udf problem
I try to make a udf in C (and I'm really not a good C programmer) , but I
have a problem when I built it :

char* EXPORT fn_kill_c (ARG(char*, s))
ARGLIST(char *s) /* VARCHAR input */
short i = 0;
short j = 0;
char *buffer1 = (char *)malloc(256);
char *buffer2 = (char *)malloc(256);


while (*s) /* copy the rest */
buffer2[j++] = *s++;

strcat (buffer1, buffer2);

i =unlink(buffer1);
return i;

gcc -c -O -fpic -fwritable-strings udflib.c

udflib.c: In function `fn_kill_c':
udflib.c:60: warning: return makes pointer from integer without a cast

If somebody have an idea, Thanks for it.