Subject Re: [ib-support] Web server?
Author William L. Thomson Jr.
PHP is nice but I prefer Java. That way some of your logic code can be
used on the web or backend gui's as well.

I prefer Tomcat with Apache, but there are many routes one could take.
Although Java may not be as quick to learn as PHP. It really depends on
your programing background and ability to learn different syntax, and

My logic is to learn and use the ones that can do the most. They end up
saving more time in the long run than the ones you would think to be
quick from the get go.

Just my two cents.

On Sun, 2002-07-07 at 01:39, lester@... wrote:
> OK - I have a number of applications using Firebird and
> running fine (24/7) but now I need to add a 'web interface'
> so that people can use a browser to see the resulting
> information. Simple I thought, but at present I am going
> round in circles.
> Option 1
> Modify the code that produces text pages to give formated
> html.
> This will work but is not very flexible, can use FastReport
> to add flexability, but don't think this is the right
> starting point.
> Option 2
> A new application that accesses the database and produces
> the pages and can be made more flexible. All my stuff uses
> IBObjects so again, no problems working that way. My own web
> server?
> Option 3
> jdbc
> I have Interclient running on both windows and linux and can
> access both from a third party tool, but not from the
> included test page.
> I can't get the new driver to work ( at present ) but I am
> not sure if this is the right approach anyway, I thing I
> need something server side that builds pages, rather than
> client side.
> Option 4
> Scrap Firebird and use something that is already web enabled
> - it IS an option, but not one I really want to concider.
> Something that will work with apachee perhaps.
> Anybody got any other suggestions, or preferably a stronger
> reason for one of the above options.
> The target pages in the first instance are simply lists such
> as the next set of train departures, or the callers waiting
> on a referal queue to be seen. So nothing needs to go back (
> at present <g> ), but the ability to select say a time, or a
> queue number may be required.
> I will need to run from linux as well as windows in future,
> but it is a flexible approach that I am looking for.
> I pointed stick to push me in the right direction would
> help.
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> Lester Caine
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