Subject Re: [ib-support] Web server?
> PHP is nice but I prefer Java. That way some of your logic code can be
> used on the web or backend gui's as well.

I have PHP working finally - and displaying the sort of
stuff I need today. Tomorrow is a different matter <g>

> I prefer Tomcat with Apache, but there are many routes one could take.
> Although Java may not be as quick to learn as PHP. It really depends on
> your programing background and ability to learn different syntax, and
> etc.

I think my problem is that while I probably know that Java
is an end solution, the entry path is proving more difficult
to get onto. Understanding the code is not a problem,
creating an environment in which to compile it is. JBuilder
is nice, but I am trying to get off the Borland
merry-go-round and onto something different.

> My logic is to learn and use the ones that can do the most. They end up
> saving more time in the long run than the ones you would think to be
> quick from the get go.

Probably should have switched from Builder earlier, but most
applications are stand alone and involve hardware that is
not easy to access. That and I am supporting systems with
computers that are 15 years old and still going strong <g>

> Just my two cents.

Any pointers as to 'shortcuts' is appreciated - Tomcat keeps
popping up, and so now I have apache/php it's seems a
logical adjunct.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services