Subject Re: Determining if the server is running
Author csswa
Why bother using Firebird if you are making a 'desktop' instead of
client-server application? The reason for using Firebird/Interbase
is to get rock-solid multi-user access. If you don't need that,
maybe stick with a simpler solution.

Andrew Ferguson
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--- In ib-support@y..., "jamievasser" <jamie.vasser@v...> wrote:
> I'm writing a Windows application using Delphi and Firebird as it's
> database. In most cases, it will be installed as a stand-alone
> desktop application. I want to be able to determine if the
> service is running when the application starts, start the service
> it's not, and give the user the option to stop the service when
> closing the application. I'm presuming that end-users PCs may not
> be state-of-the-art, high-end machines and they may not want to
> leave the service running when not using the application.
> I tried using the TIBConfigService and TIBServerProperties
> components that came with Delphi 6, but they are very poorly
> documented. They would throw exceptions unless the service was
> active and would still indicate the service was NOT started even if
> it was.
> Any help would be appreciated.