Subject Kylix/Delphi UDF with nvl and ifnull availaible
Author mp527
Developers can download the source here:

it implements all the null functions from the c++ fbudf that ships
with FB 1.0

Params are passed by descriptor for the null stuff, so it will only
work on Firebird :-)

I added the functions to an existing open source UDF, see the source
for original authors, credits and thank you's.

Note I don't know how well the existing functions where tested and I
only tested the null ones briefly on win32.
It should compile on Kylix fine though.
I used clx where required i.e move instead of win32 copymemory.

If any bugs are found please send to me or the first author listed in
the source code, or if you fix anything send the changes back.

Tony Caduto
Delphi Developer