Subject Re: [Newbie] Where to Start?
Author csswa
--- In ib-support@y..., Scott Taylor <scott@d...> wrote:
> >Can I work with the "Super" Firebird and connect to it on a simple
> >computer?
> Simple like a Commodore Vic-20?

Ah, the evil genius behind it all: racks and racks of clustered
Commodore-64s retrofitted for world domination (not to mention a mind-
blowing game of Frogger).

Joaquimmacedo, also check the Group Database area (eyes left) where
you will find a Newbies table containing "a truly wondrous assortment
of Interbase and Firebird linkages, all guaranteed to befuddle the
wits and confound the various sensory faculties." (1)

(1) © P. T. Barnum

Andrew Ferguson
-- Infinity squared, and then some.