Subject RE: [ib-support] firebird and sapdb
Author Josipovic, Nikica
SAPDB is released from the Company I'm working for.

It's actually quite nice. It origins from licensed sourcecode from
SoftwareAG (Adabas) and is very performant. It scales extremely well over
multiple processors and very large databases. In fact, several customers of
SAP are running their mission-critical R/3 installation on SAPDB. In terms
of scalabitlity, performance and especially reliabiltiy it runs in the
leauge of Oracle and DB/2. It has drivers for nearly everything (ADO, ODBC,
JDBC and native) and a very good backup-mechanism which can run scheduled
and incrementally (which I miss in IB/FB from the start away).
Unfortuantely, it's also quite complex to setup/tune and administer.....

On the other hand, I work for this company and still use FB for all my
development work. Says it all, or not? :-)

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> >i also have not heared of SAPDB, altough it is open source
> since two years
> or
> >so. but my boss believes that because SAP is such a big player, their
> database
> >must be superior.
> That it is unknown doesn't have to mean it is bad. All we
> know is that FB
> is good. And I'd say that Borland is a big player too, but
> nowadays IB is -
> I believe - inferior to FB.