Subject AW: [ib-support] firebird and sapdb
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
>ibo will not be an argument.

OK, then we have to look for something else.

>i also have not heared of SAPDB, altough it is open source since two years
>so. but my boss believes that because SAP is such a big player, their
>must be superior.

That it is unknown doesn't have to mean it is bad. All we know is that FB
is good. And I'd say that Borland is a big player too, but nowadays IB is -
I believe - inferior to FB.

I guess that if you want FB to win, you should look at how the DBs handle
transactions. But I honestly think you should try to make a fair comparison
based on what is important for your company. Is it speed (if so - what kind
of speed, inserts/deletes/small selects/large selects), number of
concurrent users, maintenance requirement, stability, probability of
crashes and error recovery, skills already acquired/programs already
developed (you know FB, but not SAPDB so I guess FB wins that one), ease
and quality of support or what? Only you can find the answer for your
particular case. However, what you can do is to ask for peoples opinion of
the two databases - in this group and in a SAPDB group. Maybe you will find
somebody who have switched from one database to the other - ask them why
they did so and what they currently think of that decision.