Subject AW: [ib-support] firebird and sapdb
Author Michael Weissenbacher
thank you for your answer, i will further specify how we want to use the
i also switched to firebird at version 0.9.4 and it has been stable all the
time. before that, i used interbase 6 open source which proved to be not
really stable.
we are running online applications developed with java, connecting to
firebird via jdbc. so ibo will not be an argument. i also have not heared of
SAPDB, altough it is open source since two years or so. but my boss believes
that because SAP is such a big player, their database must be superior. it
may well be that i will do some performance tests against both databases and
i hope that fb will win.


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Von: Svein Erling Tysvær
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 04. Juli 2002 17:51
Betreff: Re: [ib-support] firebird and sapdb

I haven't even heard of SAPDB, but as with any database I guess what
matters is what you intend to use it for. I like Firebird, and we switched
our production database from IB to FB with version 0.9.4. I doubt many - if
any - databases can equal Firebird in stability at such an early stage in
its life cycle. We do not have any big projects ourselves - all we do is
register every cancer in Norway and do research on it. I think our main
database is about 1Gb, and I'm sure you'll find many with much bigger
databases, as well as databases which has to be live 24/7 (whereas for us,
it doesn't matter whether you register a cancer today or in one weeks time).

You do not say what is your business - and if your working in areas where
everything must work at all times (e.g. with aircrafts or nuclear plants) I
think you may be dealing with an area where Firebird is untested. If not,
the main reason I can think of in convincing your boss is that IBO is the
yearly winner of the 'Best Database Connectivity' Award from Delphi
Informant and that it only works with Interbase and Firebird.

Hopefully you'll get plenty of more answers,
>hi, i'm a firebird user and i'm very happy with it. now my boss suddendly
>decided that he "trusts" more in another open source database, SAPDB. has
>anyone of you tested firebird against SAPDB. does anyone have some things i
>can tell him to prove that firebird is as trustworthy as SAPDB. i don't
>to migrate away from firebird as i am very happy with it at the moment.
>do you have good refenences of big projects where firebird was used?

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