Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: [newbie] Firebird don't start automatic
Author Paul Reeves
ah_parisfr wrote:
>>Did you install from the 'official' Win32 kit for Firebird?
> Yes, I did it from :
> Firebird-
> I uninstalle a previous install.
>>Did you install with Administrator privileges?
> Yes, and I am sure from this point.
> It's a home PC, I always log on under administrator.
> I find a temporary workaround.
> I start IBConsole.
> With IBConsole I got the tray-icon of FireBird.
> I can browse a table, etc.

This means that you are successfully running Firebird as an application.
The error you are receiving is because it won't start as a service.

Can you check the service startup properties under the Control Panel?
The Firebird Server service should be logging on as the System account
and the 'Interact with Desktop' checkbox should be checked. It should
also be set to start manually. The Firebird Guardian Service should have
the same settings, but be set to start automatically.

I can foresee two problems with following these instructions - I am
describing the way things are under NT4. I don't have Win2K, and the
Control Panel access to the Services configuration has changed a little
bit ( I think). And, of course, you will need to translate all this into
French. I don't have a French version of NT4, either.


Paul Reeves
Supporting users of Firebird and InterBase