Subject Transactions
Author mivi71dk

I have been watching my DB transactions for a while now.
I have some questions:

Usually my Oldest transaction, Oldest active, Oldest Snapshot and
next transaction are more or less the same (as below).

Oldest transaction 562
Oldest active 563
Oldest snapshot 563
Next transaction 564

But every once in a while, I get a big GAB between the above values.
Like below:

Oldest transaction 1574
Oldest active 16689
Oldest snapshot 16689
Next transaction 16690

And then on other occations I get values like these:

Oldest transaction 2451
Oldest active 13855
Oldest snapshot 13855
Next transaction 21855

Al of the above values are taken when NO ONE is connected to the DB

I have done some test on my own and I think this can make the above:

A Rollback.
But When I disconnect from the DB correctly, the values changes to
almost the same.

Will the Oldest Active stay as is, until I do a disconnect from the
DB ?

A crash on the client side.
This will make some transactions "hanging".

When will they be released ?
Never ?
When sweep ?

Are there other things I must take care of ?

One of my appl. uses INterbase Express comp. from Borland.
When using those I can have as many transactions as I would like.
Here I have 1 transaction to each Windows the user can call upon.
And the user can ONLY have one windows open at a time, hence only 1
active transaction.
When I close my Windows I always do a COMMIT.

Another appl. uses BDE to connect.
Here I use standard D5 DB Comp.
Here I can only do a StartTransaction, a Commit or a Rollback.
Whenever I do a StartTransAction, I always do a Commit or a Rollback
as well.

My clients all uses BDE version 5.11.
When testing here in my own network, I never got my transactions fra
from each other.
But they do on my customers LAN.

On some occations I have gotten my own values some away from each
other, but they have always come close togehter when the connection
to the DB closes.