Subject Re: Interbase 6 vs Oracle Reports 9i
Author semprolbat
Hi Dimitry!

Here's what Oracle says:

Connecting to a third party database with sqlplus over ODBC has been
desupported since Oracle RDBMS version 8i. This will not work anymore.
Please refer to Note 136494.1 on MetaLink for more informations.


Solution Description

In order to connect SQL*Plus to a non-oracle database through the
Oracle Open Client Adapter, (OCA), you will need to use SQL*PLUS
As of March 1, 2001, there is currently no version of the OCA for


The OCA is provided for Oracle Forms Developer and Oracle Reports
Developer to connect and run Forms and Reports applications against
non-oracle databases. The current shipping version of these products
is 6i, which is built to run under the 8.0.6 client. You will need
to use this version of the client in order to make this work.

Guess I'll just have to face the hard facts and install Reports 6i ;-)