Subject RE: [ib-support] Re: Sweep and corrupted DB
Author Wilson, Fred
What error message(s) are you getting, after you connect and "try to do
something" ??

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Fred Wilson
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Subject: [ib-support] Re: Sweep and corrupted DB

> If the database was corrupted gbak wouldn't be able to connect to
> database. There is no (or little) trickery with gbak - it connects
> the server just like any other client application. How come it can
> connect and yours can't?

Actually I can connect too, but cannot do anything (except Backup -

> >
> > What is "poke Scandinavian alphabet" ?
> >
> A chance for us to have a laugh perhaps? What Helen meant to ask was
> whether you were trying to use characters that are not supported by
> character set specified for the database (or field). In fact,
> NONE will accept anything.

I think I use standard table construction.
The only thing I have added is NOT NULL, Foreign keys, and some index
of my own.
Thats it !

> >
> >
> > Maybe not. But CAN I tell if a DB is sweeping or if it has been
> > sweeped earlier ?
> >
> Good question. I don't think you can tell if one is going on ( other
> than a visible performance loss). You can tell if one has happened
> regularly comparing the txn stats output from gstat. But that sounds
> like a lot of work.
> Sweeping is meant to be a non-intrusive, background operation that
> don't need to worry about. All part of the embed, deploy and relax
> thing. Under normal circumstances it shouldn't ever happen because
> good application design will ensure that transactions are short
> and the OIT pointer always moves along.
> Paul
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> Paul Reeves
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