Subject Re: [ib-support] 100% embedded firebird on Linux
Author Geert Bevin
> There are other files that the engine creates as part of its job (the
> lock files), and it uses the isc4.gdb security database. So your

Yes, but apparently it's not a requirement and deleting it still allows
firebird to function correctly. Haven't tested access rights, but I
suppose they would not work anymore at all.

> problems may be a bit bigger. The dependency on the lock manager can be
> removed by changing the MANAGER_PROCESS (I think) macro. I'm not sure

I removed the corresponding defines from 'lock/lock.h' and set
LOCK_MANAGER to nothing in 'builds/original/prefix.linux'. This allowed
me to reduce my firebird installation to this :


One step closer ! :-))

> about gds_pipe.

I'm now reading through the sources and grepping the hell out of it to
find references to stuff that might disable this requirement. A
promising lead seems to be the presence of a PIPE_IS_SHRLIB define.

> > What I would like is to be able to distribute one
> > binary of my application that is statically linked against libgds and
> > that doesn't need anything else. Like this, a user could just run the
> > binary of my application and doesn't have to worry about installing any
> > required files in the correct location.
> >
> > Has someone done something similar and is it possible?
> You should be using classic. You will probably need to modify the
> makefiles to build a libgds.a at the same time they build

I had those steps figured out, and with your tip about MANAGER_PROCESS,
the only additional installed file seems to be gds_pipe.

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