Subject Re: metadata extract/recreate script vs gbak backup/restore
Author Aage Johansen
pfyag wrote:
> I tried to send this message yesterday through and it
> seems it didn't went through so here it is again using Yahoo:
> I have a problem with a database:
> - gfix -v -full reports no problem
> - gbak can backup the database with or without data with no problems
> - gbak can't restore the database without the engine crashing (with
> or without data in the backup)
> ...

Did you recently create a new field with a 'NOT NULL' constraint without
filling it with data? This may cause problems with backup/restore, but
maybe not the problems you have got.
Can you restore when you deactivate indexes?
If you use VERBOSE mode you can see where the restore stops - does that
give you any clues?

Aage J.