Subject metadata extract/recreate script vs gbak backup/restore
Author pfyag
Hi all,

I tried to send this message yesterday through and it
seems it didn't went through so here it is again using Yahoo:

I have a problem with a database:
- gfix -v -full reports no problem
- gbak can backup the database with or without data with no problems
- gbak can't restore the database without the engine crashing (with
or without data in the backup)

The restore have been tried on Interbase 6 on WinNT, on Firebird Linux and on Firebird 1.0 Linux. All crashing at the end,
before going home. The backups made from both Firebird versions.

This database has been backuped regularly, but I didn't try a restore
for months so I don't know when this problem appeared. During that
time, I used a couple of different tools to make changes to the
database including once or twice damaging the database where I had to
make some manual changes to the system tables just to be able to use
it normally. IIRC, the last one had made a view returning an error
instead of the intended data and I couldn't even drop the view even
when nothing was referencing it. So I may have done something wrong,
but the engine was denying every normal attempt to fix the problem,
returning the same error as when I was trying to use the view, and I
had no other choice...

Now, I've been able to extract all the metadata and data into a script
to recreate the database using IBExpert. I did recreate the database
with that script and I can now backup/restore it. Everything I tested
seems to work as intended. Now, is this supposed to create an
equivalent database or will there be something missing in it? How can
I compare the two databases and make sure they are the same before I
switch to the new "fixed" one?


Patrice Fournier