Subject RE: [ib-support] metadata extract/recreate script vs gbak backup/restore
Author Thomas Steinmaurer

> I have a problem with a database:
> - gfix -v -full reports no problem
> - gbak can backup the database with or without data with no problems
> - gbak can't restore the database without the engine crashing (with
> or without data in the backup)
> The restore have been tried on Interbase 6 on WinNT, on Firebird
> Linux and on Firebird 1.0 Linux. All crashing at the end,
> before going home. The backups made from both Firebird versions.

What do mean with "crashing". Does the Firebird Server crash or does
it seem that the last stage is running "infinite"? You know that on
restore all indizes are rebuilt and this can take a time on a big
database? How much free disk space do you have on the partition
where the database is restored?


> Now, I've been able to extract all the metadata and data into a script
> to recreate the database using IBExpert. I did recreate the database
> with that script and I can now backup/restore it. Everything I tested
> seems to work as intended. Now, is this supposed to create an
> equivalent database or will there be something missing in it? How can
> I compare the two databases and make sure they are the same before I
> switch to the new "fixed" one?

How did you extract all the metadata? What tool have you used? Getting
a working, *complete* script file for a complex database (for example
having many views depending on each other , ...) can be really tricky ;-).

But pretty sure you have lost BLOB data when exporting data into a
script file.

Thomas Steinmaurer
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