Subject RE: [ib-support] Re: metadata extract/recreate script vs gbak backup/restore
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
> > > The restore have been tried on Interbase 6 on WinNT, on Firebird
> > > Linux and on Firebird 1.0 Linux. All crashing at the
> > > end, before going home. The backups made from both Firebird
> > > versions.
> >
> > What do mean with "crashing". Does the Firebird Server crash or does
> > it seem that the last stage is running "infinite"? You know that on
> The interbase.log showing that the server terminated abnormally (-1)
> and ibguard restarting it. gbak does return something about connection
> lost with server at localhost or something similar.

Yep, the server crashes.

> > How did you extract all the metadata? What tool have you used?
> > Getting a working, *complete* script file for a complex database
> > (for example having many views depending on each other , ...)
> > can be really tricky ;-).
> As mentionned earlier, I used IBExpert for this. Ok, it may not be
> clear that it wasn't used only to recreate the database.
> > But pretty sure you have lost BLOB data when exporting data into a
> > script file.
> IBExpert did create a blob file and referenced it in the script. Those
> blobs I checked were in the new database and seemed to contain the
> right data; I didn't do byte comparison on the blob fields yet.

Ok, I don't use IBExpert so I wasn't aware of this.

Sorry, but I've no further idea.

Thomas Steinmaurer
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