Subject The infamous net/inet errno 104
Author Entrebytes S.L.
Hi , pals.

I have of lately an awful lot of ugly net/inet errno=104 in my interbase
logs (both in dev. machine and production servers) that , as stated in
errno.h in the linux source tree , reveals as Connection Reset By peer.
After poking arround the net , swiching up and down various services (yeah ,
i'd know the ibase server should be alone , but.. ) there seems not to be
another culprit but the communication between client and server on the path.
This occurs me with interbase 5.6 on linux and Delphi 4 c/s BDE connections.
Really , the occurence of this error is increasing at an anoying rate , so
this morning was next to impossible to telnet to the dev. server.

Did you know something about some relation about this version of interbase
and network overload or socket mangling? I'm getting nervous about that. I
want to migrate to FB 1.0 , as soon as i can solve some issues to migrate as
well from dialect 1 to 3 , but first , i want to know if i should accelerate
my schleude.


Javier Rodríguez
EntreBytes S.L.
Ontenient , Spain
ERP Development.

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