Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: upgrading to Firebird
Author Artur Anjos
Sorry, I was too rude yesterday. My apologies.

My question was about why you have choose IB 4.1 without asking about
Borland's committeemen in the product. Did you think about it?

The question 'this is a joke?' was, in that context, a generic one. All of
us that have to make decisions about a product have the question you mention
in mind. But I think if this question is a primary one, the safe answer will
be always companies like Microsoft and Oracle: if something goes wrong, you
can always safely blame them and no one will blame you. :)

On another perspective, I don't think that a multi-million dollar company
would be worry about longevity of a product such as Firebird: they have the
sources, and for sure that half the money that they will safe today in
licences if they don't have to pay M$ or Oracle is enough for keeping some
good programmers they will find here working on Firebird. But, of course,
this is my personal view.

Sorry, I can not help you better in your question.

But in this list you will notice that most of us are using today Firebird in
our businesses. Speaking again from myself, my business is not a
multi-million dollar company, but it's the company that brings the food
everyday to my family. I use Firebird in everywhere I think Firebird will do
the job.Maybe this is an answer to your question.

Once again, my apologies.


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Subject: [ib-support] Re: upgrading to Firebird

> Why is it a joke when it comes to a business decision. How many .com
> company's thought they were the best thing since sliced bread, but
> are now a faded thought. Because I'm making a decision that affects a
> multi-million dollar company and want to know what is in store for
> the future with Firebird. Why is that considered a joke. There are
> many cases in business where something exciting catches on and year
> or so later the excitement has lost it's luster.
> The reason I went to InterBase 4.1 is because it was offered from
> Borland with Delphi 2 at that time. The marriage between InterBase
> and Delphi has been a good one since we started using it. I like
> InterBase 4.1, it has been a reliable product. For reasons of making
> modifications to the database and new functions the time has come to
> upgrade to a later version.
> I appreciate the responsiveness from the ib-support group with
> technical issues that have come up and would like to move to
> Firebird, where will Firebird be in a year?
> Thank you,
> Randy
> --- In ib-support@y..., "Artur Anjos" <arsoft@n...> wrote:
> > [This was a joke, right?]
> >
> > Can you share with us what kind of decisions let you, once in the
> past, to
> > choose IB 4.1 ?
> >
> > Artur
> >
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> > Subject: [ib-support] upgrading to Firebird
> >
> >
> > > Moving from InterBase 4.1 to Firebird seems to me a good decision,
> > > however as all good things come to an end. What is going to keep
> the
> > > Firebird fire going? After all, it does take time, effort, and $
> to
> > > makes things go. Is Firebird going to start selling it's wares
> > > sometime in the near future? Not that I'm against such things. I
> just
> > > need to get an idea since we are moving the company database. What
> > > about documentation?
> > >
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