Subject Re: [ib-support] Frequent "Guardian Starting" messages - Normal??
Author Phil Scadden
>On the matter of shared access:
>Which memory is shared? Is the NT service making a local connection to
>Firebird for its writes? Is the user connecting locally?

The program reading the serial devices creates a shared memory block with
appropriate mutexs. The NT services attaches to this shared memory - reads
data of interest to the database and writes it to Firebird. It does make a
local connection but only uses a single thread.

>Could the database be running out of temp sort space?

>If it's a single database file, could the file size be hitting the
>limit? Firebird fixed the filesize overrun problem by forcing a
>disconnection when the file gets full...

I don't think this is likely (big single partition disk) but I'll get this
checked this when boat calls in. I understood the file size limit to
be 4GB and think it very unlikely that they have hit that limit, but will

Currently lack of communication is frustrating things. I have yet to know
whether the application will work again when the database file replaced with
a blank version, but really appreciate your help and suggestions.

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