Subject Re: [ib-support] Corrupted DB
Author Paul Schmidt
On 17 Jun 2002 at 8:06, mivi71dk wrote:

> Hi
> I have a machine running Windows 2000 with Firebird 1.0 (794)
> installed (768 Mb of RAM, dual CPU).
> On another machine in my network I have installed Windows 2000 with a
> Microsoft Terminal server (MTS) on (1 Gb RAM, 1 CPU). On this MTS
> there will usually be 12 clients attached at the same time. Besides
> those 12 clients, there are 5 clients attached via our LAN. On MTS the
> IB/Firebird Client version is (Version of gds32.dll) I Will
> upgrade all my local clients today or tomorrow if they do not use the
> same client ! But I am pretty convinced, that they all use the same
> client version.
> On both servers I have installed Norton AntoVirus Coorp. edition, but
> this has been totally DISBALED !
> ALL my client uses this connection string:
> All clients uses 3 programs.
> The first program (used most) connects thruogh Borland BDE (newest
> version). The 2 and 3 program uses TIB comp. from borland (version
> 5.03).
> All servers in my network are installed with EVERY update available to
> software, drivers and hardware.
> For the last 8 days I get my DB corrupted every second day.
> I do not lose any data, but I have to do a Backup - Restore to get it
> to work again.

Have you looked at the hardware? It possible that you have a bad sector on the
disk, where it's just beyond the area the DB uses, when you do a backup/restore the
process eliminates records that are no longer needed, the file gets a little smaller,
and then as it grows it hits the bad sector, and corrupts again. Next time you do a
backup/restore, don't delete the old file, just rename it to something else, and leave
it there.

Another possibility is memory, it's possible that you have a bad chip in the system
somewhere, and this causes the corruption. Norton AV shouldn't cause a problem,
as long as it knows to ignore DB files, I run Norton AV on my WinME machine, and
it has never bothered the running Firebird.

If your server were running a Unix, then the O/S would complain about either a bad
block on the disk, or a bad page in memory, but unless Windows2K is a lot better
then it's predecessors, where a drive can completely fail without Windows noticing,
then you have to consider that hardware is a possibility.

Drivers are another. Windows drivers run in kernel space, because of this, and the
wild assortment of drivers, there is always a possibility that one driver will dislike
another, and cause problems.

> Could ANY of you have ANY idea of what else to do ?
> If I can't solve this problem with Firebird I will try to see if IB
> version will fix this problem ! All though I like the idea and
> concept of firebird.

I doubt that will help, it's simply Firebird with a lot more bugs.

Paul Schmidt, President
Tricat Technologies