Subject Re: [ib-support] Corrupted DB
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
Hi Michael!

>The first program (used most) connects thruogh Borland BDE (newest version).

Whenever the BDE is involved, assume it is the guilty party unless you are
certain there is no error (well, since the BDE has never claimed to work
with Firebird it's guilt may be limited)!

Replace the BDE application with an IBO equivalent ( -
there is an evaluation version available to use unless you use DLLs (if so,
contact Jason directly). If done correctly, it shouldn't take long - Jason
Wharton has made an effort to make transfering from the BDE as simple as

You could of course use IBX instead (TIB), but it would take you
considerably longer to replace your program with IBX components (I've never
tried them myself, but have never heard of IBX components simulating an
errorfree BDE).

I know nothing about your problem, but it seems you have tried most other
things and I know people have gotten rid of strange errors after switching
from the BDE to IBO.

An alternative to doing this (probably not very popular in a multiuser
environment), is to disable the BDE program for one week and see if you
still get the errors.

Lykke til,