Subject selecting from joined views hangs !
Author Amrita Chaudhury
Hi ,

I have three tables,
Table A has index date, hour , idx1 and idx2
Table B has index date, hour, idx1
Table C has index date, hour, idx1, and idx3

I have a stored proc that has to calculate certain values at date, hour,
idx1 level
using fields from thesee tables.

So, I created three views that summarized these tables at the common index
level and
am creating a join of the three in the stored proc to grab data for each
date, hour, idx1 level
and generate the calculated columns for each, like

for select, view_a.hour, view_a.idx1, view_a.field1, ...,
view_b.field2, ...,
view_c.field2 from view_a inner join view_b inner join view_c

This select hangs when executed in the stored proc, or even from ibconsole..

Can anybody tell me what could be the problem ???

amrita .

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