Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: Slow connection..It's a bug......
Author Brad Pepers
> I don't believe this "Slow connection...It's a bug..." thing. I've
> **never** observed it, not in IB 5.6, not in IB 6.x, nor in any of the
> Firebird builds. The issue I'm aware of with the IB local client on
> Windows is that it's not thread-safe.
> Using the following setups I have sub-second connection speeds in all cases
> with Firebird 1.0. The Windows server is NT SP 6a running on a slowish
> Celeron (434 MHz, 384Mb), the Linux server is RedHat 7.2 on a 850Mhz AMD
> Duron, 512 Mb.

You don't see it with your particular setup and therefore you don't believe
everyone else that does??? Come on!

I too have seen this problem but it only effect my Windows XP system. I have
put it down to the whole .gdb filename suffix thing. People keep saying to
rename the database to some other suffix (I'm using .fdb) but won't the
isc4.gdb file still be a problem? I don't know of a way to change its name
and every time a user logs in I would think the server is accessing that
database for user info and having the .gdb problem.

Change your server to Windows XP and then tell me you don't see the problem.

Brad Pepers