Subject Re: Slow connection..It's a bug......
Author mp527
It's a bug confirmed by borland, and it shows itself when using
multiple connections fromt the same PC, i.e. like a web server.

It's a known bug and it is fixed for IB 7, and it is more than likely
something that has been carried over from ib6, so Firebird has it as well.

Ib 7 can do 500 connections is around 1 second, I saw it at borcon.
And the Borland guys admited it's a bug :-)
> I don't believe this "Slow connection...It's a bug..." thing. I've
> **never** observed it, not in IB 5.6, not in IB 6.x, nor in any of the
> Firebird builds. The issue I'm aware of with the IB local client on
> Windows is that it's not thread-safe.
> Using the following setups I have sub-second connection speeds in
all cases
> with Firebird 1.0. The Windows server is NT SP 6a running on a slowish
> Celeron (434 MHz, 384Mb), the Linux server is RedHat 7.2 on a 850Mhz
> Duron, 512 Mb.
> 1. Delphi application using TIBODatabase, local connection (protocol
> cpLocal, path y:\gdb_6\ibobase\ibobase.gdb)
> 2. Same application using TIBODatabase in Kylix, connecting with
> to localhost:/data/ibobase/ibobase.gdb (copy of same database
running on Linux)
> 3. IB_SQL (uses native IBO IB_Connection) connecting to local
server by
> local loopback, cpTCP_IP, path dev:y:\gdb_6\ibobase\ibobase.gdb
> 4. Another instance of same, simultaneously.
> 5 and 6, two more instances of 3 & 4, this time with localhost as
> And the same across the network in either direction - IBO-Kylix
client to
> Windows server, Windows client to Linux server.
> There's nothing special about these server setups, except that I
have loads
> of temp space configured; and the NT machine has two large chunks of
> pagfile.sys configured on separate physical disks. I have SMB
running on
> the Linux box for convenience, although I wouldn't do that under
> conditions. Looking at my NT taskbar right now, I have two large
> files open, I'm running Delphi 6, Eudora, I'm connected to my dialup
> have 4 instances of IB_SQL, MSN Messenger and a graphics program.
> I'm sure you guys are looking at configuration and/or environment
> - or maybe your servers just don't have enough "grunt" to take all
> instances of gds32.dll, local or loopback client connections
competing with
> the server and the database cache for resources.
> Also, make sure you have zapped IPX/SX from your protocol stack.
> Are there any multi-processors involved? Is your database server
> other applications?
> If you are using IBO, do you have GetServerDefaults or schema caching
> activated? That will slow down the initial connection (or the only
> connection, if it is one connection per client), since that involves
> network traffic and/or disk i/o, before the connection makes itself
> to the actual application.
> If you are using a lot of table components for your applications and
> opening them all in your FormCreate, then that will dog your connection
> time, too.
> heLen
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