Subject Dialect Problem
Author felix_lcw
Dear All
I tried to use the Interclient 2.01 (compiled with JDK 1.3) from
Firebird, My connection testing looks like correct, but I got the
warning messege, that I don't know what's problem of my database,
could anyone tell me what's the problem and how can I solve it if it
is a problem, Thank you

the messege as below when I use the connection testing
progam "ComDiag":

InterClient Release: 2.0.1 Test Build,
Client/Server Edition
InterClient compatible JRE versions: 1.3
InterClient compatible IB versions: 5, 6
InterClient driver name: interbase.interclient.Driver
InterClient JDBC protocol: jdbc:interbase:
InterClient JDBC protocol version: 20001
InterClient expiration date: no expiration date

Testing database URL jdbc:interbase://localhost/c:/IB/datastore.gdb.
Connection established to

Database product name: InterBase
Database product version: WI-V6.0.1.0
Database ODS version: 10.0
Database Page Size: 4,096 bytes
Database Page Allocation: 1,492 pages
Database Size: 5,968 Kbytes
Database SQL Dialect: 3

Middleware JDBC/Net server name: InterServer
Middleware JDBC/Net server version: 2.0.1 Test Build
Middleware JDBC/Net server protocol version: 20001
Middleware JDBC/Net server expiration date: no expiration date
Middleware JDBC/Net server port: 3060

***** SQLWarning *****
SQL State: 01JB0
Error Code: 130
Message: [interclient] Specified dialect not supported: The SQL
Dialect has been changed to 3.
See API reference for exception

Test connection closed.
***** NO Installation problems detected! *****

Best regards