Subject Restore Interbase Backup
Author Edson Lyra
This is my problem:
I�ve created a new field in a table that already had some records.
This field was defined as "not null".
The "not null field" in the existing records remained with a null value.
The interbase accepted my "alter table" issuing no error messages an my
database was working normally.

My customer continued working for days and was doing his backup in a dayly
basis. No error messages.

Some days later this database got corrputed and my customer tried to restore
de backup.
And here is the problem itself: IBConsole fails to restore the backup. When
IbConsole tries to restore the table with the "not null field" he complains
about the "empty not null fields" and aborts the restore process.

I would like to know if there is some way to restore ".gbk" file ignoring
this table with the not null field.

Or I could also try restore just one of the tables of the ".GBK" file and
not the entire database.

Is there any tool or component that can perform this?

Any kind of help would be apreciated. My customer is very unhappy and he is
a very important customer for me.

Thanks in advance
Edson Lyra