Subject Best way to transfer data from Oracle to Firebird
Author valenciandawn

We have a Firebird database, daily, we need transfer some data
(selected about some criteria) from Oracle server to our Firebird
server and store this data in a local table(s) on it. We have
consider several options:

1 - Normal SQL queries that request data from Oracle and store it in
local Fierbird tables.

2 - An application in Delphi Object Pascal (or another lenguaje that
can access both Oracle and Firebird) that conects to Oracle and
Firebird and transfer the data.

3 - ODBC links (is it a madness? ;))

The question is: what dou you think is the best method to perform
this transfer in terms of eficiency (speed is a important factor)?
dou you have any new idea?

Enrique and Manuel (ValencianDawn project)