Subject Re: Database corrupted
Author csswa
Hi Roberto.

Sorry to hear about your troubles. Your first task is to narrow down
where the problem lies: your application, IB6, or perhaps something

It will be a gradual discovery, but don't give up! Each step will
carry you closer to a solution. Right now you need to provide the
group with some preliminary information. As an example:

Is each customer getting the same problem?

Have you diagnosed the corruption? What error messages does GFIX

Does the corruption happen seemingly randomly or can you pin it down
to a particular sequence of actions the customer is doing, e.g. in a
particular screen of your app?

You get the idea. More information is the key.

However, the folks here can't:

a) correct any programming faults in your app, but perhaps they can
tell you better practices;

b) correct any faults due to bugs in IB6. That's an issue between
you and Borland.

> I'm using Delphi 5, IB6, Asta 4.6 with IBXServer
> and it occurs usually in lacks of energy.

Lacking in energy? Please explain...

Andrew Ferguson