Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: IB/FB over a slow link possible?
Author Jason Frey
The way our scheme works, we have no persistent queries. To achieve database independance, we've resorted to firing straight sql at functions in the relative DLL that then returns a TDataset using that sql, with no way to tell if the sql had been done before. We don't bother calling a .Prepare on anything in either the IBX dll or the SQLServer dll, because it would be redundantly done by the .Open.
What it boils down to is that it's still a level playing field between the two databases. Each database just has unique (as far as anything in my application/dlls are concerned) sql being fired at it.
I'm mainly looking for either specific help with getting FB to run in this environment, or to let the FB developers know that this is an issue that keeps some from utilizing FB, so that they can hopefully take a look at it.

- Jason

> Maybe MSSQL does a good job of cacheing prepared queries? Do your queries
> get prepared at every request? Preparing queries causes some traffic
> between client and server and I found that explicitly preparing the
> queries _once only_ made a difference. YMMV...

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