Subject Re: IB/FB over a slow link possible?
Author Aage Johansen
Jason Frey wrote:
> Is it feasible to use IB/FB over a slow link? When I mean feasible, I mean
> usable, not "is it possible".
> Our application can support a multitude of database backends, via database
> access dll's (The application (delphi) itself only knows about TDatasets).
> When running the application against a remote MS SQLServer over a 384 kb DSL
> line, it's actually usable. When running against FB 1.0 over that same
> link, to the same machine, queries are abysmally slow (4-5 times the length
> it took SQLServer to return the results from the same queries). ...
> ...

Maybe MSSQL does a good job of cacheing prepared queries? Do your queries
get prepared at every request? Preparing queries causes some traffic
between client and server and I found that explicitly preparing the
queries _once only_ made a difference. YMMV...

Aage J.