Subject Re: wait or upgradw
Author Aage Johansen
Elisabeth Harmon wrote:
> ...
> What would be the advantage of switching now?

IB/5.6 runs well, but I believe you will eventually (have to) upgrade to
something newer, and then you have to make a decision on "dialects" -
which probably means Dialect=3.
For a new project I think you should move to Fb/1 or IB/6.x.

> Seems like, the last time I thought of upgrading, my existing 5.6 .gdb's
> would have to be converted in order to reside on the same server. Is this
> still true?
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As only one IB server can run on a server at a time, all databases will
have the same version. If you want to push upgrading of old databases
into the future, you could run new databases on another server.

Aage J.