Subject RE: [ib-support] Re: FB crash
Author Daniel Rail
At 05/09/2002 04:44 PM, you wrote:
>I think the best place to get the code for the MySQL driver is from
>FreeCLX on Sourceforge -
> will take
>you to the ViewCVS pages and to
>the main page for the project.
>If you (or anyone) can get something started let me know and we can get it
>into a new module under the Firebird CVS tree. Once that is achieved we
>open the way for lots of people to get involved with it.

Thanks again. I should able to let give an update on the progress made in
a few weeks. One thing that I noticed is that FreeCLX is only under Kylix
for the moment, and I'll need Delphi. Anyway, it should help me get
started. As stated in an earlier post, I can only really start looking at
his after BorCon, depending what my schedule looks like when I get
back. And, I'll need it in a that is starting right after BorCon.

Again, thank you.

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