Subject FB 1.0 and threading
Author Tasos Kyriakos
Hi to all,

I have followed recently a dialogue about when a parallel (concurrent)
existence of
more than one FB connections in the same machine is safe ( the title was FB
crash and started at 8 May ).

I would like to verify what - at least for me - was understood in this

Let say that we have one Firebird Server machine named PC_2 with IP address
and a database in C:\DATABASES\MYDATA.FDB.

IT WILL BE SAFE to have concurrent connections
either from different applications all running in the same server
either from one single application but using multi threading
if connection string is one of the following lines (the same for all the
connections)\DATABASES\MYDATA.FDB or equally

(the "equally" in terms of safety)

If this is true, i mean if -using the appropriate settings- it is possible
to have safe multi threading connections with firebird,
i wonder if somebody have noticed that ASTATECH ( claims
that multi threaded access for INTERBASE/FIREBIRD
databases isn't supported in their product line of application servers as
INTERBASE gds32.dll isn't thread safe.

Does anybody knows something more? I ask this, as i have recentry started
use ASTA and want to know if i can
hope that is possible multi threading connections using Firebird and Asta?
Can i go back to ASTA and say that Firebird is multi thread safe?

Thanks in andance for the attention (and time) of anybody
who will read and answer to this

Tasos Kyriakos
Athens, Greece