Subject RE: [ib-support] Re: FB crash
Author Paul Reeves
On Thu, 09 May 2002 16:15:25 -0300, Daniel Rail wrote:

>Thanks Paul for the info, but I can't find the source code and I
>don't mind taking a shot at the conversion to Delphi(I do have 4
>years of C++ programming experience and still have my books).  I'll
>have to try my hand at this in the next few weeks, especially after
>BorCon in Anaheim.
>Searching on Torry's Page, I've found a lot of DB Express drivers
>for MS SQL Server and ODBC, all are shareware.  I did find an open
>-source dbexpress driver for ODBC on SourceForge, but it's under the
>GNU licence.

I think the best place to get the code for the MySQL driver is from FreeCLX on Sourceforge - will take you to the ViewCVS pages and to the main page for the project.

The code for the Pascal interfaces should also be available there. The Firebird/InterBase header file comes with the IBX code. With C++ and Delphi under your belt all you need is some understanding of how MySQL works and you'll be away.

If you (or anyone) can get something started let me know and we can get it into a new module under the Firebird CVS tree. Once that is achieved we open the way for lots of people to get involved with it.

Paul Reeves
Supporting users of Firebird and InterBase