Subject RE: [ib-support] Re: FB crash
Author Daniel Rail
At 05/09/2002 01:31 PM, you wrote:
>Well, it needs forking anyway. Using Borlands DBExpress driver with
>Firebird is just plain daft. It is much better than the BDE but it is
>still a black box. Considering that developers with Delphi and Firebird
>can now debug their code all the way to the server it just doesn't make
>sense to use the closed source DBExpress driver.
>There is definitely the need for this project, although it is not as
>trivial as it looks. Borland have published an OS driver for MySQL and
>that could be used as a model for the Firebird one. However, it is all in
>C++ which adds an extra hurdle if the port was to be done in Delphi.
>Of course, there is nothing wrong with it being done in C++ - except that
>we seem to have a surfeit of Delphi programmers and it would be well
>within the capabilities of Delphi/Kylix.

Thanks Paul for the info, but I can't find the source code and I don't mind
taking a shot at the conversion to Delphi(I do have 4 years of C++
programming experience and still have my books). I'll have to try my hand
at this in the next few weeks, especially after BorCon in Anaheim.

Searching on Torry's Page, I've found a lot of DB Express drivers for MS
SQL Server and ODBC, all are shareware. I did find an open-source
dbexpress driver for ODBC on SourceForge, but it's under the GNU licence.

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