Subject Slow connection to databases in Firebird 1.0
Author kensmithzzz
I'm running WI-V6.2.794 Firebird 1.0
on Windows XP Home Edition.
My symptom is very slow database connections.
It generally takes approximately 10 seconds to connect to
a database, whether I'm connecting locally, or via localhost,
or via another machine as a client. Disconnects generally
take 7 seconds or so.

Very occasionally, I'll see quick connects, sometimes several in
a row. Then back to slow.

I have System Restore disabled. (My database extension is .fdb
anyway.) I've run this server with both 256 MB & 512 MB memory
installed. No change.

I've disabled many other services to no avail.
I can move the same database physical files to another server and
access them quickly, so it is not a corruption issue.

I installed Firebird Server on an XP Professional Edition box here
with these results: Connects are always fast, but about 50% of the
time, it takes 10 seconds or so to disconnect. For example, I'm
running IBExpert (Kudos HK-Software!) and I simply click the Connect
& Disconnect buttons in rapid succession.

On my XP Home server: Connect always takes 7 to 15 seconds.
Disconnect always takes about 7 seconds.

On my XP Professional server: Connect always immediate, disconnect
immediate about 50% of the time, 7 second delay 50% of the time.

Again, this happens whether I connect Local, Localhost:, or Server:.

I'm really at wit's end here. Any ideas?