Subject Re: [ib-support] minimizing transaction-open time
Author Woody
From: "Louis Kleiman" <lkleiman@...>
> Don't get me wrong. I know there are many different ways to skin this
cat. There are also many personal perferences that each of us has.
However, I want many of the newcomers to realize that you don't have to make
grids read only and you don't have to use IB transaction-based locking to
build successful apps.

Of course they don't. However, most new users ( and even some old ones,
smiling slyly) don't buy the most expensive Delphi version to get all the
goodies. I know I couldn't justify the extra expense at this time.
Regardless, no matter which way you go, you still need to code for possible
conflicts so I don't really see an advantage other than shorter

Woody (TMW)